Month: June 2019

Negotiating with Bugs on Assateague Island National Seashore

Negotiating with Bugs on Assateague Island National Seashore

Journey 'Round the World with Mark

20170519_095131-1-1 Like caribou in Alaska, Assateague Island’s wild horses on the Maryland coast hope to escape the bugs by taking a dip in water. In this case, the Atlantic Ocean.

Most people don’t expect to talk their way out of a bug bite. But as I sat on the famous barrier island of Assateague swarmed by black flies, I learned you can use a gentle yet persuasive tone to encourage insects to back off.

I had expected to see the iconic wild horses frolicking in the surf, my main draw to Maryland’s Atlantic coast for an overnight camp trip at one of the park’s 50-plus tent-only ocean-front sites. Instead, I was greeted by mosquitoes in the marshes near the campground parking lot and black flies on the beach. Deet helped fend off the mosquitoes. The black flies, on the other hand, were another matter. Not even the 15 mph wind kept them at bay.

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